Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DSR Episode 1.2: What's Your Favorite Old-School Fantasy RPG That's Not D&D?

Grab a drink while you wait for this to load.

Our Guests

+Jason Hobbs
+Edgar Johnson
+Mark Donkers

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Show Notes

007 James Bond RPG - Matt's fantasy, Adam's reality

Gamma World - Totally fantasy, man

MERP - Rolemaster for folks with day jobs

Fantasy HERO - Hobbs is stuck on HERO.


Warhammer - Adam says 1e is best, the rest of the guys don't care

Palladium RPG - Again, Adam prefers the first edition

This show was originally recorded in May of 2014, so at that point in time, Edgar & Adam hadn't actually met in real life yet. That was remedied at GenCon 2014 when many of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad campaign members got to hang out together for the first time ever.

RuneQuest - Hobbs hasn't played, Adam has probably inaccurate thoughts but percentile dice aren't great.

Again, this episode was recorded in May 2014, so the Fantasy HERO Complete Kickstarter than Hobbs mentioned is in our past. I'm pretty sure it was successful, but I can't find it on the KS website.

Dangerous Journeys MYTHUS - Adam has an unreasonable appreciation for this game.

Our theme music was provided by Blue Snaggletooth. If you buy their stuff, you get music. You can also pre-order their new album, "Beyond Thule," due out November 3rd.

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