Thursday, November 6, 2014

DSR Episode 2.2: Running Convention Games

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Our Guests

+Edgar Johnson
+Matthias Weeks

Show Notes after the jump

Show Notes

U Con - Not as small of a con as Donn suggests, U Con is the biggest gaming convention in Michigan
Transylvanian Adventures - Not the same as "Lamentations of the Dungeon Crawl Princess"
Dungeon Crawl Classics
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Tower Out of Time
Blood for the Serpent King - Published as a bonus adventure in Bride of the Black Manse
Frozen in Time
B1: In Search of the Unknown - Adam's Quasquetherion hack of it

Donn says "Be confident!"
Edgar says "I prep like a mofo so I don't get lost."
Matt says "Make it memorable and manage your time."
Adam says "I only prep what I can't make up on the spot."

Purple Sorcerer 0-Level Generator

G+ DCC RPG Community
Deep Carbon Observatory
Secret Santicore

Matt says "Pace yourself, make sure the game speaks to you and get comfortable with the system/adventure."
Donn says "Have it be something you're excited about and be confident."
Edgar says "It's not about you, it's about the folks at your table. Do what it takes to make sure they're having fun."
Adam says "Don't freak yourself out. You won't know what it takes until you do it."

Third Rail of Gaming

Alignment - 3-Point or 9-Point Alignment?
Matt: 3-Point
Edgar: Hates alignment, chooses 3 under the gun.
Donn: 3-Point
Adam: 3-Point

Does 9-Point Alignment suck?
Matt: Too cumbersome.
Adam: Good & evil are irrelevant.
Edgar: 9-Point sucks because of insurance tables.
Donn: Evil is evil. Suggests a two alignment system: "cool" or "asshole."

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