Thursday, November 20, 2014

DSR Episode 3.2: Blending Sci Fi & Fantasy in Your RPGs

By the time you pour yourself a whiskey on the rocks, the podcast will have loaded.

Our Guest

+Tim Callahan

Show Notes after the jump

Show Notes

Orange juice & toothpaste are gross together
Dan Simmons, Hyperion
Michael Curtis, Frozen In Time
Adam likes to blame Dragonlance, as usual
Poul Anderson, Three Hearts & Three Lions
Terry Brooks, Shannara
Adam loves being told he's wrong... when folks can back it up. Tim can.
Tim: "Sci Fi is based on speculation and scientific fact... Fantasy is everything else. Why did it stop being about [awesome stuff]?"
Adam likes to talk in terms of Phenomenology
"Ren Faire Fantasy"
David Lynch
Shadowbrook Manor for Labyrinth Lord
Toon RPG
Castle Greyhawk is a steaming pile of crap
Fate Core
Dresden Files RPG
Tim says that +Lowell Francis is a great DM

Third Rail of Gaming: Ascending or Descending Armor Class?

Tim: Ascending for game play, descending for the literary aesthetic.
Donn: Ascending. Period.
Adam: They're the same damn thing.

[EDIT: Adam & Donn are serious about the Fate thing. If you want to run a session of Fate for us (possibly appearing on an episode or several of DSR in the process) drop us a line at the address below!]

Thanks for joining us for this episode of Drink Spin Run. We'd love to read your comments on the show, suggestions, where exactly we can stick what and other thinly-veiled threats. Send us your thoughts at Once again, thanks for listening.


  1. "What if it was a clown on a bicycle?"
    That must be Adam's game they are talking about!!

  2. Oh, and I had to prove that I am not a ROBOT! It should have said: "Prove that you're not an Automaton!"

    1. We live in the "robot-positive" future, Ray. We get to use that word here.

  3. This was a great podcast. More like this.

  4. Getting up to date with these podcasts. Fish wizards FTW!