Thursday, December 4, 2014

Episode 3.3: Adam & Tim Talk Metamorphosis Alpha

Patience is a virtue

This week, due to a snow storm power outage, +Donn Stroud couldn't make it to the show, so +Adam Muszkiewicz runs solo-ish, hosting Tim Callahan and a discussion about Goodman Games's new re-release of the first edition of James Ward's classic RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha.

Our guest:
+Tim Callahan

Show Notes after the jump

Show Notes

Show recorded 11/24/2104; due to using an untested recording method, there were some unpredicted audio irregularities in the recording
Metamorphosis Alpha Hardcover
Doug Kovacs's art
Stefan Poag's art
James M. Ward & WardCo
Jon Peterson & Playing At The World
Adam & Tim like big fonts and they cannot lie
John Reyst -
The Rocket, Ypsilanti, MI
Someone will correct Adam on his Dungeoneer chronology
Drink Spin Run does not advocate beating your children, with or without books
Adam was on a panel discussion at U Con, a recording of which was posted on the Save Or Die podcast
Blue Snaggletooth, Beyond Thule
Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics "Gazetteer of the Known World" Boxed set


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  1. Yes. known world and Castle Whiterock have good quality boxes