Thursday, January 29, 2015

DSR Episode 6.2: Role Play Elements In Board Games

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Our Guests
+Jon Gilmour co-designer of Dead of Winter
+Jerry Hawthorne designer of Mice & Mystics

Show Notes after the jump

This episode was recorded on 12/22/14

Show Notes

Soggy Bog of Doom
Earth, Primitive and Deadly
Sleep, "The Clarity"
Electric Wizard, "Time to Die"
Bongripper, "Miserable"

HeroQuest - it is indeed a magical thing

Arcadia Quest

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - has RPG elements, but not Role Play elements - doesn't make you feel like you're playing that character

Warhammer Quest - Jerry felt the strongest RP elements came in "in town" rather than in the dungeon.

Red Dragon Inn - Competitive RP?

Necromunda/Mordheim/Gorka Morka

White Bear & Red Moon



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