Monday, March 9, 2015

DSR Actual Play: DSR Learns Fate

Invoke situational aspect: "Kickass Podcast"

Our GM
+Nathan Panke

+Edgar Johnson
+Donn Stroud
+Adam Muszkiewicz

Several episodes ago, we put out a challenge to our listeners: teach Donn & Adam how to play Fate! We'd tried before, but didn't quite grasp key elements of the system. The excellent Mr. Nathan Panke stepped up to the plate and decided to take that challenge. We wrangled up the Reverand Doctor Edgar Johnson III to round out our team and proceeded down this particular rabbit hole.

In this first episode of our "actual play" session, Nathan gets us going on Fate Core, gives us a crash course on the system and Adam has a nearly existential crisis about the system's jargon.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where the system really "clicks" for the group as we take on General Tso himself!

Thanks for joining us for this episode of Drink Spin Run. We'd love to read your comments on the show, suggestions, where exactly we can stick what and other thinly-veiled threats. Send us your thoughts at Once again, thanks for listening, you gorgeous listeners.

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