Thursday, April 16, 2015

Episode 11.1: Todd & Nathan

Todd & Nathan are a Gateway drug.

Our Guests
+Nathan Panke
+Todd Bunn

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

Todd Bunn

Show Notes




  • Todd
    • Castles & Crusades
    • Traveller (MGT)
  • Nathan
    • D&D 5e
  • Donn
    • WH40K Conquest
  • Adam
    • Playing in +Gabriel Perez Gallardi's Greyhawk 5e game
    • Eminent Domain 
    • GaryCon
      • "It's just like a gaming sleepover from middle school." 
    • Adam wants to run something new and different and strange
      • WHFRP1e?
      • Mini6 Wild West?

Thanks for joining us for this episode of Drink Spin Run. We'd love to read your comments on the show, suggestions, where exactly we can stick what and other thinly-veiled threats. Send us your thoughts at Once again, thanks for listening, you gorgeous listeners.

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