Friday, May 29, 2015

Episode 13: Adam & Donn

Shout outs, drinks, books, more drinks and what folks won't let us play.

Our Guests
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Show Notes after the jump

Show Notes

Shout Outs

+Noah Stevens & Greg Heany for show topics!
Props to +Gaming and BS! Great show, guys.


Space Rock American IPA, Shorts Brewery, Bellaire, MI
Undertaker Belgian Style Dark Ale, Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, MI


WCBN - 88.3 - University of Michigan's college radio station
WIDR - 89.1 - Western Michigan University's college radio station
Mogwai, Rock Action
Hombre Lobo's "Howls From the Veil" Lamentations of the Flame Princess playlist
Ancient Warlocks, "Super Wizard"
Wardruna is amazing gaming music
Botch - the hardcore band with a sense of humor


Shadow Games, Glenn Cook
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson
The Incal, Allejandro Jodorowski & Moebius


  • Donn might be running some White Star soon
  • Adam & Donn are working on Nova Scream, a zine for White Star
  • Adam's Iron Coast ACKS campaign is getting ready to use the Domains At War mass-combat system
  • Red Box Miniatures - classic Citadel if classic Citadel was even better
  • Osprey Publishing has been making wargames and they're pretty exciting. 

Games We Want To Play And Haven't Had The Chance

  • Donn really wants to play 
    • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 1e (Adam does, too, really)
    • Dying Earth - Vancian fantasy at its finest!
    • Torchbearer - Adam & Donn want to play this, have no idea how to run it
  • Adam's Top 3 4:

Games We Can't Get Anyone To Play With Us

  • Wraith: the Oblivion - One of Adam's favorites from the dark age that was the 90's
  • Donn's just pickier about the groups he plays with, they'll just trust him to run whatever

Thanks for joining us for this episode of Drink Spin Run. We'd love to read your comments on the show, suggestions, where exactly we can stick what and other thinly-veiled threats. Send us your thoughts at Once again, thanks for listening, you gorgeous listeners.

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