Monday, November 23, 2015

Episode S2E01.2: Self-Publishing

Stanley is this episode's Waldo.

Our Guests
+Tim Callahan
+Stephen Newton

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Guest Notes

Tim Callahan
Stephen Newton

Show Notes

(If you listen closely, you can hear Adam's baby Stanley making cute little sounds throughout the episode.)

Stephen expressed what pretty much is the best KS advice: "Don't ask for money until it's at least 90% done."

More from Stephen:

  • "...[W]rite the thing, outline the story..."
  • Figure out the channels (Print? Pdf?)
    • Later on, Stephen says that you should get into print even if it's Print On Demand
      • POD means you don't have to do any warehousing/fulfillment/handling distributors
      • POD also makes it easier for overseas shipping customers
  • What's your format? (Letter? "Digest?" - "digest" size is really half-letter)
Adam adds: "your audience isn't everyone"

Adam wants to see print/pdf bundles to work the opposite way that they work now: if you buy the PDF, you should get a discount on the print product. 

[Note: "One Bookshelf" or "OBS" is the company that owns & operates the websites RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Most of the panel members use these terms interchangeably because they are.] 

One of Adam's reasons for self-publishing is that he wanted to continue to own his work. Most publishers own the work that is produced under contract. 

LIGHTNING ROUND: The panel all agrees that if you buy something in print, you should get it in pdf for free. If you can think of a way to make this happen, let us know your strategies!

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  1. I had a lengthy conversation the other night about me giving away the PDF free to everybody these days, with a very modest charge for the POD copy. My friend was appalled, but he's an artist and relies upon proceeds for his lively hood. I'm not and the calculated risk i take is that somebody will purchase my book if they see that the thing itself in digital format has merit. I think i added in stuff to the digital package to promote folks downloading it from the OBS. Also, i wholeheartedly believe we ought to hook each other into a CAS/Howard/Lovecraft circle and riff on each others' stuff as often as possible. I average 2 or 3 free downloads a day and it gives Wizardarium of Calabraxis a tiny bit of exposure (which was sort of my intent) and it leads people obliquely to Paul Wolfe's stuff, also. Offer your friends free ad space in the back at the very least!

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    If you on't want to do to it ....fucking quit.

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