Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Episode S2E05.1: Stan & Nathan

Continuity be damned!

Our Guests
+Nathan Panke
+Stan Shinn

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

Stan & Nathan are part of the creative team behind Rogue Comet Games (

Show Notes


Oarsman Ale, Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI
Snow Roller Hoppy Brown Ale, Magic Hat Brewery,South Burlington, VT
Dirty Bastard, Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids, MI
Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown, Four Hands Brewery, St. Louis, MO
Chocolate Milk Stout, Four Hands Brewery, St. Louis, MO
Tasmanian IPA, Schlafly, St. Louis, MO


The "Berlin Period"

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Soundtack
Glam rock Christmas music!
Downfall of Nur, "Umbras de Barbagia"
Vince Guaraldi Trio
Snarky Puppy


Weird of the White Wolf, Michael Moorcock
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Alan Dean Foster (!!!)
Leviathan Wakes, James SA Corey
Nathan was listening to audiobooks of the following:

  • Shattered Sea Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie
  • The Dark Tower Series, Stephen King
  • American Gods, Neil Gaiman


Stan's been running a lot of games, including:

  • An Apocalypse World game based on Rush's album "2112
  • Star Wars via Savage Worlds 
  • Classic Traveller
  • 5e D&D (where the KS came from)
Adam just got done running Beyond the Wall for the DSR Actual Play Live Stream and is gearing up to run Paranoia 2e in January!

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