Friday, February 5, 2016

Drink Spin Run S2 E3.2: Favorite Mechanics in RPGs

Donn only talks on a fumble

Our Guests
+Noah Stevens
+Tim Callahan

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

Tim Callahan - the man, the myth, the legend

Noah Stevens

Show Notes

Donn & Adam would like to apologize for the crappy quality of the audio on this episode. Long story.

Donn loves dice.

Tim's most stolen mechanic: from Questlandia - put narrative spaces on index cards, then have the players determine how they connect.

Adam steals -- from King of Dragon Pass -- a mechanism for defining a group of people based on the myths they tell themselves

Noah -- from Adventures in Oz -- conflict doesn't need to be deadly. The focus on murder is problematic as a dad. Why all the death?

Noah -- from Gangbusters -- non-cooperative narrative? Characters not working toward the same ends.

Adam hates rewarding players for rolling well (this happens in many old school games in their original form; players are already rewarded for rolling well by succeeding).

Adam steals dice success distributions from HeroQuest. The good one, not the RPG.

Noah & Adam both use lots of ApocalypseWorld-inspired dice mechanics.

Donn uses reaction rolls all the time. Adam suggests you pay attention to the one Jobe Bittman put in the Monster Alphabet.

Adam suggests "Jaquaying" dungeons.

Then it got all murky.

DungeonWorld instincts are cool.

Tim -- Marvel Superheroes -- award characters in-game benefits for enacting character motivations/beliefs/etc.

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