Friday, February 19, 2016

Drink Spin Run S2 E4.2: The Weird

I'll do my Donn voice. "Hi, I'm Donn."

Our Guest
+Clint Krause

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Guest Notes

  • Red Moon Medicine Show
    • Vacant Ritual Assembly zine
    • Don't Walk in Winter Wood
    • Stygian Garden of Abelia Prem
    • Driftwood Verses (upcoming)

Show Notes

Clint talks a bit about his Driftwood Verses supplement (1:42)
Adam makes up a definition of Weird Horror (4:30)
Clint: You can't force creepy, it happens on its own (8:50)
Adam: dissonance between player agency and terror (12:00)
Clint: build up and absence of a creature (Hitchcock effect?) (13:00)
Donn: the unknown! (16:00)
Adam: the seductive allure of the unknown (17:50)
Donn: ghosts! Give 'em stuff they can't fight! (19:10)
Clint: Keep players wondering (20:23)
Donn still hates Adam's Senior Sugarskull (21:25)
Clint: what's mechanical, what's scenery? (23:00)
Clint is prep-heavy. Donn finally has an ally.
Adam: ever good GM has a moment of self-doubt right before a game starts (26:00)
Clint & Donn: prep makes a session real for the GM (26:30)
Adam: communicating a feeling is more important than communicating a fact (28:20)
Donn takes over (30:43)
Adam talks about reality & phenomena again (35:00)
Donn: immersion means presenting things to the characters rather than the players (39:00)
Clint: if everything's weird, nothing is; mundane stuff creates essential contrast (41:00)
Adam: when you name a thing, it ceases to be unknown (45:40)
Clint makes Adam's points coherent (48:00)
The Third Rail: Is The "Quantum Clue" worth the loss of failure?
Clint: No. The chance of failure is a small issue.
Donn: Has never played either.
Adam: It's complicated. It solves a problem that isn't one. Rather, its answer is more useful for everything other than the question that it attempts to answer.

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