Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Drink Spin Run S2 E8.1: Wayne and Dan

Let's learn about North Kovacistani customs

Our Guests
+Dan Sandberg
+Wayne Snyder

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

Dan Sandberg

Wayne Snyder

  • Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad zine
  • More independent gaming projects than I can remember

Show Notes


Trois Pistoles, Unibroue, Chambly, Quebec
Curmudgeon Old Ale, Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids, MI
Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout, North Coast Brewing, Fort Bragg, CA
Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, CO
Jackhammer Old Ale, Arbor Brewing Company, Ann Arbor, MI (Adam managed to pawn off the rest of his Jackhammer on his ACKS group this past Sunday)


Yidhra, "Hexed"
Black Pyramid
Blind Guardian
Grave Digger
Jag Panzer
Frederico Durand (?)
Blue Snaggletooth, "Beyond Thule"
Electric Wizard
Dead Games Society's GaryCon Podcast Panel Podcast


Lord of the Rings appendices
CA Smith, The End of the Story
Neuromancer, William Gibson
The Troll King Trilogy, John Vornholt
Playing At The World, Jon Peterson
Peril on the Purple Planet Boxed Set


Wayne has taken over the reins of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad campaign
Dan was playing D&D 4e
Apes Victorious is on its way from Goblinoid Games
Adam has been running Torchbearer and will run it as part of the "DSR Actually Plays" series of livestreams on 4/10/16 & 4/24/16
RuneQuest 6

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