Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Drink Spin Run S2 E8.2: RPGs and Technology

Adam feels better about being liked by Wayne than he feels about liking Wayne in the first place

Our Guests
+Dan Sandberg
+Wayne Snyder

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

Dan Sandberg

Wayne Snyder

  • Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad zine
  • More independent gaming projects than I can remember

Show Notes
Donn doesn't like online gaming because he feels like he has to spend too much time setting these up.
Online gaming tools have to support on-the-fly gaming and improv style
Adam preemptively makes useful macros & conflict maps/mats to improv conflicts
Adam's Torchbearer conflict map
Drawing in Roll20 sucks
Wayne uses Twiddla in hangouts instead

Infinitas DM + a big screen TV laid down with a sheet of acrylic over top = Dan's ideal gaming set up (and Adam plans on making it happen)

Make the things you need for your game, share the things you make. Basic DIY ethics.

None of us had used Fantasy Grounds or MapTool or any of the other Roll20 alternatives, Dan has reservations about complete rule integration in Fantasy Grounds. Adam doesn't appreciate the $$$ barrier to entry.

Crawler's Companion for DCC RPG by Purple Sorcerer Games

ACKS treasure generator on Autarch's website:

Wayne & Donn are curmudgeonly about pdfs. Everyone prefers books.

Wayne talked about random generator websites:

Donn brought up 3D printing for minis
HeroForge (but actual minis are cheaper)

Adam talked about 3D modelling with Google SketchUp

Donn says that using music in games is good at the beginning of sessions, but can be ignored as you start to get into stuff (his Sound Cloud stuff can be found here: )
Adam mentioned
Music was a point of contention
DMDJ app

Obviously, Google Drive is a thing
Adam has been using his iPad a lot
Trello app for smart stuff (hierarchical note storing, can add pictures!)
Obsidian Portal (Adam's OP page:

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