Sunday, September 24, 2017

Drink Spin Run S2 E3.2: Investigative Games

It's gotta be a slackwagon.

 Our Guests
+Bob Brinkman
+Andrew Shields

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Guest Notes

Bob Brinkman

Andrew Shields

Show Notes

Call of Cthulhu
Adam plugged the company he works for: The Murder Mystery Company
Andrew suggests three levels of "scope" so that the mystery can wrap up into an interesting and satisfying end.
The Three Clue Rule (Justin Alexander, The Alexandrian): when the PCs must know something, sort out three ways to introduce the same information.
Four Points of Failure: Bob thinks it's really two points of failure.
Andrew: "Don't hold on to your mysteries too tightly. There's always a mystery behind it."
Blades In The Dark

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  1. Hey, there a web-based way for me to listen to this show? Asking for a friend.


    1. Thanks Donn! I’ll see if that works for them.