Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Drink Spin Run S3 E4.1: David Fisher and James Pozenel

Focus on the bit wolf

Our Guests
+David Fisher
+James Pozenel

Show Notes after the jump

Guest Notes

David Fisher

  • Shinobi 27 Games, publisher of such fine products as:
    • Feast of the Preserver
    • Trolls of Mistwood
    • Revelation of Mulmo
    • Angels, Demons & Beings Between (in print!)
James Pozenel

These guys have a Kickstarter up for Angels, Demons & Beings Between: Volume II RIGHT EFFING NOW! (Until 10/26. After that, you're on your own.)

Show Notes


NutBandit, Oddside Ale, Grand Haven, Michigan
Meester Quadrupel, Brouwerij De Meester, Kruune, Belgium (not Netherlands!)
Founders Porter, Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Unfinished Business, Perrin Brewery, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Malted Milk Ball Imperial Porter, Perrin Brewery, Grand Rapids, Michigan


BITWVLF's cover of Taylor Swift's "Remember Me"
BITWVLF, "Ivory"
Spaceslug, "Mountains & Reminiscence"
Stoned Meadow of Doom
Hobbs & Friends of the OSR
Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack... you know how to find this.
Hawk the Slayer soundtrack
Talking Heads, "77"


Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle, Mote In God's Eye
ER Burroughs, Warlord of Mars
Norman Bogner, Snowman
Jeff Lindsay, Dexter novel series
WS Burroughs, Naked Lunch
NK Jamisin, The Fifth Season
RE Howard, A Devil In Iron
CA Smith, The Ultimate Weird Tales Collection
Oliver Poetzsch, The Hangman's Daughter


Donn's still running DCC, James is one of the players in that game. Running "The Emerald Enchanter."
Adam is running DCC at work and just ran "The Portal Under the Stars." He recommends "The 13th Skull." He's also running Blades In The Dark still, the Murder Gangs of Ur-Hadad! He's also about to start running Uncharted Worlds (PbtA Hard Sci Fi). Vampire, The Dracula, The RPG is happening.
David is also running DCC, mostly funnels for his family.
James has a long-running lunchtime game running... you guessed it... DCC. He also plays in a game run by his kids and is playing "The Abbot In The Woods" with his kids and their cousins.

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